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Some of the best things are free!

Open Source Fun GitHub

This site is providing a free public github organization to create and publish opensource and creative commons software.


Open Source Forums

This site is providing a free public forum brainstorm and discuss opensource and creative commons software.



Linux is generally free and open source. It is the operating system that is powering the webserver running this website.


Build and Share Ideas

The entire goal of this website is a pet project to help build awareness, development, and expand connections of open source software.


This site was designed to raise awareness and collaborate on creating new software and ideas with unlimited potential.

We will be working on some basics projects just for fun. We are welcome to any new ideas or projects you would like to see happen.

Open Source Fun is offering this site as a resource for free.

That means that we are hosting the server and paying for its power and internet out of his pocket. This is all because we believe in Open Source and Creative Commons software and the fun in creating it.


This website is built using Open Source Software and Server.

This site is almost completly open source. The server runs on XenServer. The server itself ( is a CentOS installed with NGINX, Apache, PHP, and WordPress. The Router/Firewall in front of this server is Vyos (The open source continuation of Vyatta). Network security is checked by Security Onion. Network monitoring and logging is performed by Observium. Open Source and transparent is the way to be!

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Count Trolls a-lot.

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What Our Clients Say

We lack clients and developers currently, so stay tuned for fun and exciting things to come. Contact us with what you think. The top 3 will be listed here.

“Much More to come, So Stay tuned…”

Open Source fun

“Much More to come, So Stay tuned…”

Open Source Fun

“Much More to come, So Stay tuned…”

Open Source Fun

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Our Awesome Team

Our team is small but will grow with recognition. If you would like to join our development team feel free to check out the blog and forums for more information.

Preston Belford

Founder, CTO, & CEO

The original OSF. Huge fan of Open Source and Creative Commons since the days of “Freeware” and “ShareWare” before open source was thing.

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This Guy

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Jack Doe jr.

That Guy’s offspring

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Latest News

All the latest OSF news and interesting stories. Hopefully there will be something usefull for everyone here.

New Server

Okay so the picture above is not really what happened, but more of what I wanted to do. It would seem the Ubuntu 16.04 Perfect Server this site was built[…]

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March 16, 2018 1

New Website

Over here at OpenSourceFun we are revamping our website. Previously we were using Joomla as the CMS platform. Unfortunately we ran into some issues with joomla not accepting certain site[…]

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January 22, 2018 0

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