New Server

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New Server

March 16, 2018 Administrative 1

Okay so the picture above is not really what happened, but more of what I wanted to do. It would seem the Ubuntu 16.04 Perfect Server this site was built on, became unstable and crashed. Well to be more precise, Apache broke the vhost for this website by deleting several files and re-configuring itself. I tried several attempts to restore the site and server, but I couldn’t get it just right and stable. I managed to restore the server and site, however the site remained unstable with random errors displaying. I took this opportunity to reinstall our Hypervisor to XenServer as we believe hardware compatibility issues with the HP Proliant DL360 Gen 5 may have contributed to the issue. I built a new VM running CentOS 7 with the Vesta CP. and restored the sites here. This server seems far more stable. Thank you for your patience during downtime.



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  1. Everyone says:

    It is time to replace that old G5.

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